Standard Window

UBLO Window Set

An Unobstructed Window

UBLO features an unobstructed view, without having unnecessary handrails or horizontal frames.

A Safe Window

UBLO mitigates concerns about falling accidents or external intrusions, making it ideal for users such as children.

A Breathing Window

UBLO is carefully positioned and engineered to enable *optimal natural ventilation with a continuous airflow.

A Low Carbon Window

UBLO minimizes the use of frames to reduce ** carbon footprint, enhancing cost competitiveness.

* UBLO's vertically aligned openings utilize buoyancy ventilation and strategic installation on multiple sides allows enhanced cross-ventilation, maximizing the effectiveness of natural airflow. For details, please refer to our technical brochure on ventilation.
** By minimizing frame usage, UBLO significantly lowers embodied carbon emission associated with raw material production, transportation, and manufacturing processes. For more information, refer to our carbon footprint research documentation.

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