The idea of this circular ventilation window was initiated in 2017 by the founder of VS-A façade engineering group Robert-Jan van SANTEN. Soon, Ublo.Inc was established in Korea with Naree Kim in 2018. Ublo, natural ventilation window series have developed through R&D of Ublo Inc. and VS-A Group.

The title Ublo derives from the word hublot, or the round window of ships and airplanes. This is a round window installed into glass, different from the existing window market where frames become thicker as performance develops. The larger the glass in which Ublo windows are installed, the more efficient the cost and ventilation are in comparison to existing windows.

Ublo 3.0 opening is standardized to be the ideal size safe for the human body’s proportions. The circular opening, or the wind passage, is designed and positioned on the glass to the users’ tastes. Ublo covers can become customized objects floating on the glass window to suit the interior atmosphere.  

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