09/2023 | Conference | Korea

Representative Kim Naree participated as the moderator of the discussion at the Zak World of Facades Conference (www.facades.kr) at The K Hotel in Seoul on September 14, 2023.

It's a climate crisis era. How should facades change? Over the past few years, the facade has undergone a lot of change due to the rising insulation standards of insulation. Can Zero Energy Buildings Be a Solution to the Climate Crisis? Looking at the facades, which are getting thicker, heavier, and more expensive year by year, I wondered if we are consuming and draining more and more resources faster in the name of saving the planet these days.

This curiosity triggered today's debate. Let me introduce panelists from each field to participate in the discussion.

Professor Noh Seung-jun (Department of Architecture at Keumoh University of Technology)
Chairman Choi Jung-man (Korea Association of Passive Architects)
Kim Hyo-joong (Eco-friendly Design of Jeonglim Architecture)
Kim Min-soo, head of the group (Samsung C&T Modular Production and Purchase Group)

06/2023 | Research Paper
sustainability, Window Ventilation Performance Experiment Paper

A research paper on ventilation performance of windows conducted by researcher Seol Hyeon-ji over the past year has been published in the Sustainability journal. The focus of the experiment has evolved from measuring absolute ventilation performance to understanding how it varies based on external factors such as indoor-outdoor temperature differences and outdoor wind speed. It also explores how ventilation rates can be measured using carbon dioxide gas generated by the human body. Special thanks to Professor Yoon Na-ri from Ulsan University for her guidance, Hugo van Santen, an engineer from Creable, for developing indoor air quality sensors, and Lee Hyuk-jae, Choi So-won, Jin So-hyun, and Park Jae-hyun for their contributions in establishing the foundation for ventilation experiments.

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12/2022 | Denmark
Architecture of the Pandemic

Published by The Royal Danish Academy and a philanthropic association Realdania.

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12/2022 | Hong Kong
UABB ( Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture) Shenzhen and Hong Kong  

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