A Minimalist Window

Windows are essential elements in building construction,
playing a crucial role in the quality of interior spaces.

For the sake of sufficient views and ventilation,
as well as insulation, sealing, and safety,
today's windows are thick, heavy, and complex.

UBLO is a window
that uses a lid
to open a precut aperture in glass.

the Aperture

To enable operation of a window,
a separate operable frame is necessary,
leading to safety concerns
with the need for locks, handrails, and insect screens.

These additions obstruct views,
and the use of more frames reduces insulation performance.

UBLO eliminates the need for extra frames,
offering a seamless opening and closing experience,
while ensuring security.
UBLO’s lack of an operable frame means
a filter blocking pests and dust
is only needed for UBLO’s aperture, creating a clear view.

To enjoy the experience of having a window,
only one aperture is needed.

A Breathing Window

In our daily lives,
it is common to keep windows closed
as a precaution against
high heating or cooling expenses,
strong winds, security breaches,
or for the safety of children.

UBLO presents an innovative solution
with its compact 150mm diameter aperture,
enabling a continuous flow of fresh air
without the hazards of a typical window.

With UBLO,
your space stays well-ventilated.

A Window
Fit in Your Space

UBLO is a window
that is designed, fabricated, and engineered
to fit your space.

To create a safe and optimal window for your space,
UBLO considers
the stress of outside wind,
and user preferences
for frame material, the location,
and quantity of circular windows.

Lids for
Individualized Windows

UBLO aims to capture daily life
extending beyond
what can be seen through a window.

Users can select lid designs
from a range of diverse materials and functionalities,
as per their preferences.

Collaborating with skilled craftsmen
can transform UBLO’s lid
into a distinctive artwork
or enable it to fulfill other roles,
like a plant pot or lighting fixer,
enhancing your spaces’ ambiance.

UBLO Craft Edition Leaflet 👀️

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