A New Approach to Ventilation

Windows are essential elements of buildings, providing protection from the weather outside – heat and cold, wind and rain, while being a source of light, fresh air, and providing a view of the outside. For the typical person who spends most of their daily lives indoors, windows play a crucial role in determining quality of life.

However, as we strive for higher quality living, windows have become increasingly complex. Balancing adequate views and ventilation with insulation and addressing challenges such as condensation and fine dust has made windows thicker, heavier, and more elaborate.

UBLO introduces a revolutionary concept where a polycarbonate window is installed on a carefully crafted aperture and operated using a twist-seal lid, offering seamless opening and closing capabilities. With a small 180mm diameter hole, UBLO window offers an entirely different and highly effective method to address ventilation needs.

Crafting the Aperture

To enable operation of a standard window, a separate operable frame is needed, leading to safety concerns with the need for locks, handrails, and insect screens. These additions obstruct views and reduce insulation performance. UBLO window eliminates the need for additional frames and significantly reduces the operable area of a window, offering a seamless opening and closing experience, while ensuring aesthetics, functionality, and security in one design.

Featuring an 180mm opening, UBLO window creates a seamless link between indoor and outdoor spaces through unobstructed vistas, enhancing your living environment. Experience modern window engineering with UBLO, where simplicity, functionality, and security converge in one simple yet sophisticated design.

Breathable Solutions: Redefining Ventilation

In our daily lives, it is common to keep windows closed as a precaution against high heating or cooling expenses, strong winds, potential security breaches, or for the safety of children. UBLO window presents an innovative solution with its compact 180mm diameter aperture, enabling effortless controlled ventilation without the hazards of a typical window. Even if periodically closed, UBLO window facilitates a continuous flow of fresh air so that your space stays well-ventilated.

Tailored Windows for an Optimal Fit in Your Space

Windows are one of the areas that incur the highest costs in a building and replacements often only lead to consideration of brands and options, given the narrow range available.

UBLO presents a solution with windows designed and manufactured to suit specific spaces based on mathematical analysis of the space. Considering user preferences for frame material, circular window location, and quantity, we engineer secure window enclosures, taking into account the pressure and stress of the outside wind and the dead-weight of UBLO window set, which can have a significant impact on the structural integrity and stability of the construction, during design and installation. UBLO strives to be the ideal window, precisely tailored to be safely installed and be sustained in your space.

Lids for Individualized Window Solutions

Unlike conventional windows, UBLO window transcends a mere functional status, with the capability to reflect your lifestyle through customized lid design. Users can select from a range of diverse materials and functionalities, catering to individual preferences. Collaborating with skilled craftsmen can transform a basic lid into a distinctive artwork or allow it take on other roles, such as a planter or light fixture, in order to uplift the user’s surroundings.

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