UBLO Window Set

1 Circular Window
Comprising of an inset frame, filter, and lid.

2 Glass with Circular Aperture
UBLO ensures direct production of the glass to guarantee its performance and safety.

3 Window Frame
A standard frame similar to those used in conventional windows.

Circular Window

1-1 Inset Frame
The inset frame installed within the aperture, enabling attachment and removal of the lid and filter.

1-2 Filter
Prevents the entry of dust and pests, with a user-friendly option for attachment and removal.

1-3 Lid
A range of lid options to suit customers’ specific needs, aesthetics, and functional preferences.

1. UBLO system is suitable for glass thickness of 8-48mm.

2. Standardized 148mm diameter of the opening of inset frame prevents falling and intrusion.

3. Tough polycarbonate material used for insulation and durability.

4. Designed to easily open and close by rotating 15 degrees counterclockwise and clockwise respectively.

5. Lid designed with ergonomic principles.

6. The lid able to be hung on the inset frame using the built-in catch when the window is open.

7. Lid designed to offer a range of functions and material options according to user preferences.

8. Detachable filter preventing pests and utilizing static electricity to capture fine dust.

9. The double air layer inside the lid forms a base insulating layer, with the option to add high-performance translucent insulation material Aerogel.

10. Engineered for wind pressure and fixed load of the circular window.

11. Drainage design minimizing inflow of external rainwater and pollutants.

12. Design featuring dual waterproofing and equal pressure in indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure optimal sealing and airtightness.

13. Designed to have a dry installation system allowing for easy installation and replacement indoors.

Inset Frame
(1) For Single/Double Glazed: ø208mm / THK 47mm / 135g / Polycarbonate
(2) For Triple Glazed: : ø208mm / THK 63mm / 160g / Polycarbonate

ø208mm / THK 97mm / 385g / Polycarbonate

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