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Q. What is UBLO?
A. The UBLO window system is designed with openings in the glass that can be opened and closed with a lid for ventilation, inspired by the word "hublot," which refers to the round windows found on ships and airplanes.

Q. What is the reason for using UBLO window?
A. It provides effective ventilation without obstructing the views. It ensures safe ventilation without the hazard of falling or intrusion, maintaining a constant flow of fresh indoor air.

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Q. Can the size of a circular window be customized?
A. The standard dimension for the circular window's opening is a diameter of 148mm.

Q.Does UBLO provide effective airtightness and watertightness?
A. Yes. The circular windows are designed with a dual-sealing structure and a gas-tight compression gasket, facilitating excellent airtightness and watertightness.

* Performance: Airtightness Lv.1 / Watertightness Lv. 50 (Tested and certified by KS accredited testing facilities)

Q. Can existing glass be used?
A. Drilling holes in existing glass poses a risk of breakage, and for optimal performance in terms of wind pressure resistance, insulation, airtightness, and watertightness, new glass needs to be manufactured.

Q. Can UBLO be installed on double or triple glazing?
A: Yes. UBLO can be installed on double or triple glazed glass, on a thickness of up to 48mm. We supply window sets with glass and frame suitable for the site's wind pressure and insulation conditions.

Q. Who handles the installation?
A. For the installation of insulated glass, clients can choose between the window installation service by UBLO or an external window constructor. In the case of single glazed glass, customers can perform the installation of the circular windows and an installation manual will be provided.

Q. Can I have the glass made by a third party company?
A. To ensure the quality, UBLO handles the manufacturing of the glass directly. For single glazed glass, you can opt to have it produced by another glass company to match the aperture size.

Q.Is it possible to buy just the circular windows without the glass?
A. For single glazed glass, you have the option to purchase the circular windows alone.

Q. How many circular windows need to be installed for ventilation?
A. The recommended minimum number of circular windows for installation is two, and it's advised to have at least one circular window per 20m³ of room volume. Keep in mind that ventilation capacity decreases by 50% when using the filter.

Q. Can UBLO window be installed on non-glass walls?
A. The circular windows can be installed on materials such as polycarbonate panels like Danpalon, as well as wood or metal panels with thicknesses ranging from 8 to 48mm. For optimal performance, it's recommended to contact UBLO for detailed inquiries and recommendations.

Q. Does the plastic not change color to yellow overtime?
A. The circular windows are made from highly robust and durable polycarbonate material, LG LUPOY 1303, which includes UV inhibitors. Although there might be a slight color change overtime, there are no concerns regarding its durability or functionality.

Review of use

Townhouse in Bojeong-dong

Han Ki-joon, CEO of Unmanned Cafe Depot

Choi Dae-heon, CEO of chuckii coffee

Yang Soo-in,  Director of Lifethings

Joo Hyun-ki , CEO of Barber Shop AAWAKE

Kang Joon-gu,Director of Mass Studies

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