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Q. What is UBLO?
A. The UBLO window system is designed with circular in window glass that can be opened and closed with a lid for ventilation, inspired by the word "hublot," which refers to the round windows found on ships and airplanes.

Q. What is the reason for using UBLO window?
A. It provides effective ventilation without obstructing the view from the window. It ensures safe ventilation without the hazard of falling or intrusion, maintaining a constant flow of fresh indoor air to create a comfortable environment.

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Q. Does the opening faciliate ventilation well given its small size? How many circular windows need to be installed for proper ventilation?
A. Installing two or more circular windows vertically can induce buoyancy-driven ventilation, ensuring effective airflow. The recommended minimum number of circular windows for installation is two, and it's advised to have at least one* circular window per 20m³ of room volume. Keep in mind that ventilation capacity decreases by 50% when using the filter.

* The number of windows required to achieve 0.5 ACH (Air Changes Per Hour) on one side of a room that is facing the exterior. This value has been calculated through simulations, and actual ventilation may vary depending on seasons and weather conditions. In rooms where two or more sides are oriented towards the outside, it becomes feasible to achieve cross-ventilation. As a result, the number of windows that are typically recommended for ventilation can be decreased. For more detailed information, please refer to the ventilation section in the technical brochure.

Q. Does UBLO window provide effective airtightness and watertightness?
A. Yes. The circular windows are designed with a dual-sealing structure and a gas-tight compression gasket, ensuring excellent airtightness and watertightness. They have been rigorously tested and certified by KS accredited testing facilities, achieving the highest domestic grade of level 1 for airtightness and level 50 for watertightness.

Q. Can existing glass be used?
A. Drilling holes in existing glass poses a risk of breakage, and for optimal performance in terms of wind pressure resistance, insulation, airtightness, and watertightness, new glass needs to be manufactured.

Q. Can UBLO windows be installed on double or triple glazing?
A. Yes, UBLO windows can be installed on double or triple glazing, with a thickness of up to 48mm. For double or triple glazing, UBLO provides customized glass with circular apertures and ventilation window sets with appropriate glass thickness, specifications, and insulation gaskets for the specific site.

Q. Can I have the glass made by a third party company?
A. To ensure the quality, UBLO handles the manufacturing and delivery of the glass directly. For single-pane glass, you can opt to have it produced by another glass company to match the aperture size, provided it's tempered glass. However, if you choose a different supplier for glass and installation, UBLO won't be able to guarantee the glass's performance and potential defects.

Q. Is it possible to buy just the circular window set without the glass?
A. For single-pane glass, you have the option to purchase the circular frame alone. However, when it comes to insulated glass, such as double or triple glazing, UBLO offers a comprehensive package including glass with the aperture and a UBLO window set, complete with glass thickness and specifications customized to your specific site requirements.

Q. What are the specifications for the circular window? Can the size be customized?
A. The standard dimension for the circular window's opening is a diameter of 148mm (glass aperture diameter of 180mm), and it is sold in this single size specification.

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Q. Who handles the installation?

A. For the installation of insulated glass, clients can choose between the window installation service recommended by UBLO or an external window installation contractor. In the case of single-pane glass, customers can directly perform the installation of the circular window and a installation manual will be provided along with the delivery.

Q. Can UBLO window be installed on non-glass walls?
A. The circular windows can also be installed on materials such as polycarbonate panels like Danpalon, as well as wood or metal panels with thicknesses ranging from 8 to 48mm. For concrete walls, due to thicker connection points and potential challenges in ensuring airtightness and watertightness, it's recommended to contact UBLO for detailed inquiries and recommendations.

Q. What is the price?
A. Click below to find out the approximate price for each type. The final amount may vary depending on the situation on the site, so if you want to get a detailed estimate, please contact Ublo.

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