Purchase Type

A. Circular Window
B. Circular Window + Glass with Circular Aperture
C. Circular Window + Glass with Circular Aperture + Window Frame

In the case of single-pane glass installations, you can purchase only the circular window and install it yourself.

- Basic Composition :
Inset Frame + Filter + Lid(Wind : Transparent) + Ring Spacer
- Price : USD230 (Excl.VAT)

Are you interested in installing a circular window on insulated glass? Do you already have a frame in which the glass will be installed, or is that decision yet to be made? If so, consider purchasing a circular window with insulated glass, that ensures both performance and safety.

Do you want to install windows engineered to fit in your space? Collaborate with UBLO's façade experts to bring your creative and functional space to life.

From Order to Install

UBLO offers a variety of products and services in different forms based on the project's context, conditions, and client preferences. Take a glimpse into the planning process with UBLO.


A. Circular window

B. Circular Window + Glass with Circular Aperture

C. Circular window + Glass with Circular Aperture + Window frame

1.  Purchase Inquiry

2.  Installation Site Assessment

3.  Frame Engineering Consultation

4.  Glass Engineering Consultation 

5.  Circular Window Layout Recommendation

6.  Circular Window Quantity and Design Selection

7.  Quotation and Purchase

8.  Frame Installation

9.  Installation of Glass with Circular Aperture

10.  Circular Window Installation

11.  Delivery of Lids and Filters


  • UBLO glass and Circular Window are covered by a one-year warranty after installation.

  • Below are not covered by a warranty.

     - Products with defects caused by user negligence resulting in breakage or faults. 

     - Glass not made by UBLO  

     - Installation fee for glass replacement   

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