Sepuma School Library

#Visibility #ContinuousVentilation

Construction Type | New
Program | Education
Location | Pocheon
Architectural Design | ODDs&ENDs Architects
Client | Children Embracing the World (Sepuma)
Product Type | B. Circular Window + Glass with Circular Aperture
Glass | Triple Glazed Low-E Glass
Window Frame | DC Hardware

The newly constructed library at Children Embracing the World in Pocheon features the installation of triple glazed UBLO ‘Cloud’ with Aerogel insulation. The inviting interior, constructed with wood, provides a comfortable space for reading, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in books while enjoying the picturesque landscape visible through the expansive windows. Aerogel, a state-of-the-art semi-transparent insulating material renowned for its remarkable thermal capabilities, is notably utilized in space suits as well.



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