09/2023 | Conference | Korea

On September 14, 2023, at The K Hotel in Seoul, the Zak World of Façades Conference (www.facades.kr) took place, where CEO Naree Kim participated as the moderator for the panel discussion on "Façades in the Era of the Climate Crisis."

During the era of climate crisis, the question arises: how should façades evolve? In recent years, façades have undergone significant changes due to higher insulation standards. Can zero-energy buildings be a solution to the climate crisis? Observing façades over the recent years, they have been becoming thicker, heavier, and more expensive. One might wonder if we are consuming and depleting resources even more rapidly and extensively under the pretext of saving the planet.

These questions served as the basis for today's discussion. Let me introduce the panelists who will participate in the discussion, representing various fields:

Professor No Seung-jun (Department of Architecture, Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
Chairman Choi Jeong-man (Korea Passive House Association)
Team Leader Kim Hyo-jung (Jeonglim Architecture, Eco-friendly Design)
Group Leader Kim Min-soo (Samsung C&T, Modular Production Purchase Group)

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