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Comparisons to Existing Ventilation Systems

Benefits with UBLO


Maximize the glass portion of the window.


How good air can ventilate the room is determined by air pressure difference rather than the window
opening size. By examining the relevant conditions, the location and quantity of UBLO openings can
be decided in order to achive an optimal situation for the best results.

Energy Saving

Window frames are thermally inefficient and even expensive. With UBLO, the length of window
frames can be reduced considerably to achieve much better air ventilation performance.

Internal Air Quality

In recent years, air pollution has become a major problem. In warmer climate, mosquitos and other
bugs are also a big problem. Installing the UBLO air filter net will improve air quality and protect the
room from unwanted bugs.


A normal window in upper building floors carries the risk of falls. For security reasons, the window opening degree is restricted. This risk is more prominent for high-rise buildings.

The 180mm round UBLO provides the safety solutions:
  • Risk of falls is eliminated
  • Outsiders cannot trespass through the window 
  • Protection from extreme weather conditions such as typhoons


For high-rise buildings, cleaning of exterior glass façades is difficult and sometimes even dangerous. With perforated UBLO glasses, facades can be cleaned from the inside using magnetic cleaning devices by passing through perforated holes.

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