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We are UBLO, the breathable window company, producing personalized ventilation windows in South Korea. Here is what we have been up to over the last year.  🤡🤸‍♀️

KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation)

(1) Project: KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) in Seoul
(2) Program: Office
(3) Location: Seoul, South Korea
(4) Construction: Geosung Construction, EDS(Eugene DS)

Originally built in the 1960s, the KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corp.) building with its attractive arches and facade has now been remodeled with new UBLO window sets. The total number of UBLO windows is 56. This office space is used as a call center, which requires consistent insulation and ventilation while maintaining the transparency of the working environment. Aerogel insulation was added to our standard UBLO model to increase the level of thermal insulation. The new UBLO windows create a stimulating effect on the existing facade. We are confident they will do an excellent job of continuous ventilation and thermal performance.
We thank the architecture team of KEPCO for sharing their interest in UBLO's energy-saving environmental movement, and design.

35th Floor Apartment in Siheung

(1) Project: 35th Floor Apartment in Siheung
(2) Program: Residential
(3) Location: Siheung, South Korea
(4) Interior Design: Leeform
(5) Construction: EDS(Eugene DS)

Many apartments in Korea look alike, and so do their windows. This project clearly shows the difference between existing windows and UBLO windows. These UBLO windows, installed on the highest floor of any of our projects thus far, ensures that we have a clear ocean view. Small openings in UBLO provide natural ventilation due to the air pressure difference in a high-rise apartment.
We thank interior designer 'Leeform' and contractor 'EDS' for this challenging work.

Covid-19 Test Building in Suncheon Clinic

(1) Project: Covid-19 Test Building in Suncheon Clinic
(2) Program: Hospital, Clinic
(3) Location: Suncheon, South Korea
(4) Interior Design: Woori Architects
(5) Construction: Taekwang Construction

The Covid-19 test building in Suncheon clinic recently opened. Many clinics use screening plates made of acrylic, so workers must work in a poorly insulated environment with low thermal performance. To address this problem, the client found one solution; let's go, UBLO!
We hope that more health workers can work in a better-insulated environment equipped with UBLO during this difficult pandemic.

⛏️See Suncheon Clinic Covid-19 Test Building

Fixed Frame for Triple Glazing

The applicable glass type for the UBLO system was limited to single glazing and double glazing with thicknesses under 32mm. In October of 2021, we developed a fixed frame for triple glazing (max. thickness of 48mm). The first UBLO window sets with triple glazing were installed in the apartment in Siheung.

Metal, Earth-Circle Cover

UBLO window covers can be customized. You can choose different options according to your taste and the use of space. These covers come in various textures and functions; planter, cork, metal, etc.. We recently developed a circular cover with cork texture and a stainless-steel cover and they are now on sale. Below are the current UBLO covers that you can purchase.

🎡 Available covers:
Wind (basic transparent PC), Fog (translucent PC), Wood (walnut timber), Earth-Circle (circular shaped cork), Earth-Plant Pot (cork planter), Metal (stainless steel), 3D-printed (custom design), and Sound (bluetooth speaker integrated)

Smart UBLO

Task Name: Smart UBLO Stage 1: Sensored Ventilation Window

We have recently completed a one-year government supported R&D program named "Smart UBLO Stage 1: Sensored Ventilation Window." This task is the 1st of a 3 staged smart UBLO system which is our long-term development plan. Stage 1 is the development of a sensored UBLO prototype to inform users of the necessities of window opening/closing. For stages 2 and 3, we will further develop automatic operation and air purification systems.
For this stage 1 R&D program, we developed a sensor attached UBLO prototype in collaboration with CREABLE (a French electronics engineering company). Using sensors for CO2, PM, temperature, and humidity, we collect data on indoor/outdoor air qualities. Then, we visualize the collected data so that we can easily see the necessity of opening or closing the window to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.
Over the past three years, UBLO has been selected for three goverment supported start-up and R&D programs. We would like to thank all the goverment agencies and people that provided us these valuable opportunities. In addition, we are grateful to the sensor development team 'CREABLE' and our previous researchers Hyukjae LEE, Sowon CHOI, and Sohyun JIN, and our consultant, Professor Nari YOON of Korea University.


An article featuring UBLO appeared in the March 2022 at d'architectures, a French architecture magazine. With editor Benoit Joly's attention and understanding, UBLO was introduced as an innovative product that makes natural ventilation facades possible. Click the link below and check out UBLO's technologies and philosophies!

Pandemic Architecture 

This April, Pandemiens Arkitektur (Pandemic Architecture) had UBLO as an example of a solution in the pandemic era. The Danish Royal Academy-Architecture mapped 35 architectural solutions all over the world to help end the pandemic. They selected UBLO as an exemplary case that demonstrated a unique, successful response to the pandemic. You can download the original publication on the website below.

Architectural Exploration of Housing

This May, on the episode "Remodeled old residentials" of the EBS documentary program "Architectural Exploration of Housing", UBLO was introduced. You can check out the video in the link below.

Selected as a Recommended Innovative Product
by Korean Government

The UBLO window set was selected in the "Recommended Innovative Products" organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Small and Medium Business Distribution Center. The UBLO window set will be listed in the goverment's recommended products from July 20, 2021 to November 18, 2023.

Recommended Product Serial No. 2021-00332


UBLO window sets are being sold in LOTTEN ON, a Korean online shopping platform, targeting B2C clients. We are also preparing to launch sales on Amazon in the coming months.

📍 Registered UBLO Window Sets

We sincerely appreciate your support and interest. We look forward to hearing from you with any comments or critiques for improvement.
💪Thank you.  

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