How good air can ventilate the room is determined by air pressure difference rather than the window opening size. By examining the relevant conditions, the location and quantity of UBLO openings can be decided in order to achive an optimal situation for the best results.

Visually Open

There is no bisecting frame blocking the full view as other operating windows do. Ublos can ensure a panoramic view while still allowing fresh breezes.


The small size of each Ublo opening ensures safety from potential falling hazards, especially in high-rise buildings.

  • Risk of falls is eliminated

  • Outsiders cannot trespass through the window 

  • Protection from extreme weather conditions such as typhoons

Internal Air Quality

In recent years, air pollution has become a major problem. In warmer climate, mosquitos and other
bugs are also a big problem. Installing the UBLO air filter net will improve air quality and protect the room from unwanted bugs.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the glass of high-rise buildings is difficult, but Ublo’s glass can be cleaned easily and safely by attaching a magnetic cleaning tool to the glass through the floating opening of the fixed ublo.

Energy Efficient

To prevent energy loss, the window frames on building exteriors are thicker and more expensive. Ublo doesn't require any extra grid framing to have its opening and mounted directly on the insulated glazing.

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