We believe in Ublo as able to provide a real added-value to the concept of window. It is a an evolution that will bring architects, designers and the wider public to reach a new level in personalization and artistic opportunities, with a item that is fully studied and designed for the current global issues.

Temperature Test

Temperature test aims at checking the point of temperature that causes deformation.

Typically PLA and ABS materials would turn from solid to rubbery state from 60 and 105 degrees respectively, in such case it would be easy to get deformed.

The heat testing process that we implemented are aimed at checking reactions at those extreme temperatures and phenomena in details.

Thermal Test on Cavity & Material

Testings were done on different depth of cavity, types of cavity infill and material division control. Both the increase in depth of cavity and the density of 3d printed material improves thermal performance. Given the same width, insulation is thermally better than air cavity.

Partnership with Yonsei University


Partnership with infobank

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