Pandemiens arkitektur  

UBLO was introduced as one of the successful response cases to the pandemic in Pandemiens arkitektur, which maps examples of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the built environment.

Link to the article (Only Danish)



Architecture Exploration, House (건축탐구 집)

UBLOs appeared in the show called ‘Architecture Exploration, House(건축탐구 집)’. This episode was about remodelled old buildings, and UBLOs were installed at one of the buildings. Check out the video!

Link to the video



d’a Magazine 

Article of Ublo is published on D’ARCHITECTURE.  

Link to the article (Only French)



Apartment in Baegot New Town 

This is the highest level that UBLO windows were installed at. Thrilling 35F! They are so high that i was struggling to find them in the picture taken in far distance. :-D

Compare Before&After!


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