UBLO Set is composed of:

Perforated Glass
The insulated glass unit is perforated and assembled precisely by a glass manufacturer.
| Installable Glass Type:
Single-glazed glass, Double-glazed glass, Triple-glazed glass

Fixed UBLO
When the perforated glass is placed on-site, the ring-shaped fixed ublo is installed perfectly airtight to the glass perforation from the inside.

The ublo net prevents the inflow of fine dust and pests. It can be easily detached and reattached as needed.

Operable UBLO Body
The insulation or air layer of theoperable ublo body improves the thermal erformance of the window. The outer rim of the body is shaped to be joined with the half round cover.

Operable UBLO Cover
The operable ublo cover actsas the handle and can be customised to an interior design accessory of your preference,such as a flowerpot, a lighting or a speaker.

How to operate UBLO:


Closed State When the guide mark on the top of the perable ublo turns to 1 o’clock, the lid is plugged to the frame and perfectly airtight.


Opening Ublo  Grasp and turn the handle of the operable ublo 15 degrees counterclockwise. When the guide mark on the top of the operable ublo turns to 12 o'clock, the window is open and pulled out. After this stage, the ublo net can be attached/detached from the inside.


Open State  Res t the hook on the back of theoperable ublo on the hook hanger on the bottom of the fixed ublo.

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