Benefits with UBLO


Maximize the glass portion of the window.

Natural Ventilation

Effective ventilation is determined by air pressure difference rather than the opening size. The quantity and positioning of UBLO openings are selected based on each particular situation. You can create an optimal solution for the best results.

Energy Saving

Conventional window frames suffer from thermal mechanical weaknesses and are even costly. Ublo provides a cost effective solution by considerably reducing the length of the frame panel .

Internal Air Quality

Air pollution has become a big health problem. In some countries, mosquito nets are a must. By installing an air filter (up to 0,2µ) or a mosquito net in UBLO, air quality can be improved and unwanted insects can be controlled easily.

Safety + Crime

The size of normal windows are too large for safety purposes. For security reasons, the degree of window opening should be constricted. This would improve safety features especially for high-rise buildings.

The 180mm Ublo is:
  • It can protect against external intrusion.
  • You can prevent things from falling out.
  • Protects the interior from extreme weather conditions such as typhoons.

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