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Where should I install UBLO?

  • In a place where safety is of utmost importance and risk of falls should be eliminated; such as medical facility, children and infant facility and high-rise building.
  • In a place where you wish to have minimal ventilation windows without bulky and expensive window frames; such as residential apartment and office space.
  • In a place where you want to showcase eye-catching exterior while providing good ventilation and can be cleaned easily; such as commercial space.
  • In a place where you wish to have a personalized designed window; such as personal residence.
  • In a place where you want to have a ventilation window that can filter out fine dust when air pollution is severe.
  • In a place where you want to have a simple frameless window that is easy to ventilate; such as kitchen, bathroom and pantry.

When should I install UBLO?

  • During new building construction stage
  • During window remodeling stage
  • During window replacement stage where only the glass part needs to be replaced

How should I install UBLO?

  • First you have to select the window frame where UBLO will be installed on; the glass specification; the perforation location and quantity; and lastly the type of UBLO cover.
  • For window remodeling or renovation, the glass has to be replaced with a perforated glass; while leaving the existing window frame.
  • For new construction, UFO system can be applied so that the exterior view does not expose any frames at all.

How do I operate UBLO?

UBLO can be easily operated by an intuitive rotating motion like when opening a water bottle. UBLO air filter net can also be easily attached or removed accordingly.

Application Samples

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