01. An Unobstructed Window

UBLO features an unobstructed view, devoid of unnecessary handrails or horizontal frames.

02. A Safe Window

UBLO window mitigates concerns about falling accidents or external intrusions, making it ideal for users such as children.

03. A Cross-ventilation Window

UBLO is meticulously positioned and designed to enable optimal natural ventilation, allowing continuous airflow.

* UBLO's top and bottom openings utilize buoyancy ventilation and strategic installation on multiple sides for enhanced cross-ventilation, maximizing the efficiency of natural air circulation. For in-depth details, refer to our technical brochure on ventilation.

04. A Low Carbon Window

UBLO's design optimizes frame length to enhance cost competitiveness and minimizes the use of metal or plastic frames, thereby contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

** By minimizing frame usage, UBLO significantly lowers embodied carbon emission associated with raw material production, transportation, and manufacturing processes. For more information on UBLO's carbon footprint, refer to our carbon footprint research documentation.

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